Serving In The Fields Of The Lord's Harvest

Serving In The Fields Of The Lord's Harvest

Fellowship In Faith Ministries serves Christian brethren regardless of denomination in encouragement to do Matthew 28:19-20, while supporting and serving congregations in the Third World where the Name of Jesus Christ is not known and whose fields are being sown and planted by local Christians who need our help.


The Fragrant Gospel

Shalom to all my dear brothers and sisters in YAHSHUA, hope you all are safe and good under the wings of our Mighty savior.

The scripture calls us to be the fragrance of YAHSHUA in 2 CORINTHIANS 2:15. Being fragrance for Him means to be a witness for Him through our works and words. Our daily life should exude the sweet aroma of YAHSHUA in us. Liberating people’s lives through His power at work in us. Through our lives people should recognize him whom we carry and His saving power so they could believe him.

Grateful to our dear ELOHIM who enabled us to spread the fragrances of the Gospel through medical aid in my village (Rajaraopeta ). Last week we had a sister’s prayer meeting here where we discussed the word of ELOHIM and interceded for many requests near His feet. Who is ready to be broken and poured out, as well as we had a thanks prayer meet at Rajupalem.

May Abba Father helps us to be filled with His knowledge of YAHSHUA, the willingness to sacrifice, and be ready to be poured out despite criticism.

Yahweh bless you and keep you; Yahweh makes his face shine on you and be gracious to you; Yahweh turns his face toward you and gives you peace.

With Love and Peace

Evangelist Prasad Deering & Family

Much Busy Amid Plentiful Harvest In Lord’s Field

Shalom to all my dear brothers and sisters of YAHSHUA.

Our dear prayer partners who love and pray for us regularly, I hope that you are all being well, we, my family and the congregation are being safe through your valuable prayers. 

I am happy to meet you through this letter once again. The psalmist declared in 119: 68, “You’re good, and what you do is good” realising who God is. We have come to the last month of this biblical year. Our hearts need to be filled with praise to ELOHIM.

Truly I regret for not being available through prayer reports, it is because of the plentiful harvest in these days through Medical Services to the needy people at RAJARAOPETA and by spreading the love of Gospel of YAHSHUA to them. They are ready to join with us but backslide due to the fear of village elders. Last week we had a blessed thanks prayer meeting and naming ceremony of a new born. We had continuous Cell Group Prayers for women by the grace of Elohim, who are interceding for you and dear families. We are blessed to have prayer partners like you, we all are doing great and likely gratitude to you for your love towards us. Also I am busy with Zoom Classes (Bible Study) with Sunday keepers, that is why they had invited me personally to discuss many scriptural matters, for that I have been travelling long distances on bike. Please pray for my safe journey on Elohims work.

Please uphold, that in the coming biblical new year I am planning to release a new series on scriptures as well as YEA new book also , I am a bit busy with this process, also myself personally engaged in door to door evangelism at RAJARAOPETA. Dady as you know that how much your son is dedicated truly in preaching The Truth  (Do or Die) and challengingly having personal interface with Sunday keepers  the love of ELOHIM keep you safe and sound.

But I had a deep sad in my heart because of the disobedience of Sunday believers, at scriptures, why their heart is not turning to light of truth. Although we go and elaborate the true gospel and with much effort and trials we explain them the hidden facts but there hearts in still darkness.

Last month I opened a health service centre at RAJUPALEM, in the same place where my beloved father Pastor John and my dear Dad Michael used to sit and talk.. That place was turned as a mini clinic for all the needy and dear ones of YAHSHUA where there regular medical check up are taken, I invited the chief of the village (Mr. Rao infront of House of God) also that he might not create any disturbances in future. Please uphold for this in your payers. May the love of Elohim keep you safe and sound.

We Love you all

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.

With Love and Peace

Evangelist Prasad Deering

Dedication To Ministry in 2023

Praise Report from Prasad 1-9-23

Shalom in the name of our savior beloved son YAHSHUA the Messiah. By the grace of almighty and by the help of your prayers, I and my family and the Congregation are safe.

Our dear prayer partners who love and pray for us regularly, I am happy to meet you through this letter once again. The Psalmist declared in 119: 68, “You Are good, and what you do is good” realizing who Elohim is. Our hearts need to be filled with praise to God. As followers of YAHSHUA, we all set apart from the world, as the world is filled with new year hopes and dreams, then What are we looking forward to ? Do we have a big picture? Are we inspiring others to follow YAHSHUA…. lets move.

Even though there are many obstacles in the ministry of the Supreme Father, we by your daily prayers, are moving forward in his work. Even though we are just into the first few days of the new year, I have started tending to some ministry chores. I could not give you a more recent update as I was visiting the members of our Congregation and also witnessing at the houses of Hindu brothers.

Thanks to your valuable supports that we are happy to do many Divine activities to move forward in His ministry. We are doing our best to get the Word of Yahweh preached in many ways.

I am happy to say that this week we had prayerfully started a FIRST AID CLINIC at The Home of Comfort and Place of Worship with the mission of imparting the gift of medicine with what I learned in my training, to the people and conveying Yahweh’s love to the brethren through treatment. I had taken the inspiration from my Father John and dearest Mom Ericka. Even in this way, Yahweh’s words should reach people; Yahweh’s ministry should be done. Your prayers and support will never be forgotten. We are sustained always by your valuable prayers and moving in His work.

A Few weeks back we had a women’s cottage meet where sisters are blessed with word of Elohim and encouraged by the testimonies and miracles in Him, also spread the light of scriptures by conducting thanks giving meeting.

We love you all and praying for your gracious blessings in our saviour.

The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.

With Love and Peace

Evangelist Prasad Deering

Opportunities For Evangelism and Teaching

Inspiring letter from Prasad this morning on their work in the fields of preaching the gospel and possible open doors for them to walk through:

Peace be unto you in the name of the Messiah, the son of beloved Savior, because of your prayers by the grace of Elohim, I and my family and congregation are safe.

As you are my prayer partners and co-workers, I would like to share some spiritual things in this letter:

  1. Our ministries of true evangelism are moving forward, despite many obstacles because of God’s richest grace, and as well as you are very cooperative in this evangelizing ministry.
  2. We have been preparing the Sabbath School Children by taking some topics from the CEM YEA lessons and from the Bible and teaching them by translating them ourselves from English into Telugu.

Since Tabernacles, sisters Anusha and Dina Grace have been sitting together translating these YEA lessons into Telugu and we hope to present them to the children in the form of printing (Booklet), because these lessons are highly blessed to create an impact on their lives. We have been working on them from English to Telugu to make into a booklet . It is God’s work, as well as our responsibility.

Here in India, the Sabbath school pattern is not as in America . So we are selecting some lessons from Primary, Junior and Intermediate and translating them. Your valuable suggestions and your encouragement are very much needed.

  1. The classes conducting through the online zoom app initiated by us in COVID-19 have received a good response from many people, well many asking us for the TRUTH and contacting us through phone calls. The printing materials prepared by me are being supplied to some people through WhatsApp and some by postal correspondence. Because of the grace of God and effective help from you we could able to accomplish it. We have seen many books and articles in the “Born to Win” website and we hope that if they are translated into Telugu, it will be very highly useful to those in the congregations as well as to others.

Basic Christianity Law & covenant
Are we living in the last days?,
Time with God ,
Could Christ return tonight?
… and many more

  1. Many Sunday worshippers ask about the Sabbath and the appointed times and appeal us to have group discussions, by which they can dwell deeply into scriptures, which we are able to do as much as we have time. We expect this group discussions to be organized once a month in some area, where we are there to serve Elohim and to take care of the rest of the programmes, I have to travel on a bike to far-flung areas, Michael daddy knows how the roads are like in our country and in our area (WELCOME TO INDIA). .. To do these activities requires physical strength as well.
  2. Even in Bihar northern part of India, the children of God are in great difficulty, we have not been going there for many years, the people there are very enthusiastic for the Word of God. Some people are still in contact with sister Anusha,. Moreover, audio records and Some Hindi magazines are printed and sent there, there are very few people who have studied there, these magazines are sent only to them, and audio messages for the uneducated, please uphold them in your prayers.. We are making our effort to somehow bring them the good news of truth so that they do not deviate from the True Scriptures, even though we are not available to them. . I’ve shared few times with the people over there, and Michael daddy is fully aware of MISSION BIHAR, and now we’re going to have a chance to meet them.
  3. The government and private schools here in our state claim that they must educate children in ETHICS and MORALS. They want to introduce moral education in schools.

  4. Knowing about us they invited us to educate the students in the schools. We feel that it’s a better privilege for us, where we are prayerfully waiting for this opportunity. Moreover, we are thinking of not teaching religious related things in schools and in any way we should give the love of YAHSHUA and Ethical life principles from the Scriptures to the students studying in the schools. We have to inject the truth into them indirectly rather than directly, which is the BIG TASK of us. We seek your advice. We welcome your valuable suggestions. Looking forward to listen from you.

“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”

With Love and Peace
Evangelist Prasad Deering

The Future Is Our Children

Shalom to you all my dear ones of MY PRECIOUS SAVIOUR

Our heartfelt thanks to all the prayer warriors who are with us in this battle to communicate the Truth.

We thank Elohim for His provisions, for enabling us to run the CHILDREN’S DAY activities (National Day for children which is celebrated as holiday) we had a BIBLE CLASS with dear ones with Visual Presentation followed by snacks as well as we distributed study aid (Books, Pens, Pencils and Crayons) to all poor students in local school including our Sabbath School Children. Please pray that we would continue to build Good Relationships among the Villagers. For the hearts of the people to be open for Yahweh’s love and our contacts to know the Elohim personally also for the harvest in the places where we have sown the Gospel, please uplift us in your valuable prayers for upcoming outreach programmes.

Elohim will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life. Elohim will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore

With Love and Peace
Evangelist Prasad Deering

Fond Memories Propels Us To Continue Our Elohim’s Work

Letter from Prasad:

My dear ones and my Encouragers who pray for me every day and contribute to the spread of the gospel of God’s kingdom, Shalom to you all. Through your valuable prayers and Elohim’s greatest grace, I and, my family and congregations are safe.

Dady (Michael), the video presentation that you had done for us had lead to tears, when you were in our country , doing God’s work with us, adjusting to this environment, and serving your brothers and sisters here, all these things made us hopeful that those past days will come again. I hope that such a day will come again. If it is God’s will However it is, mission days were amazing .!

As of all now, from day to day till now after tabernacles , we are busy in visiting the homes of the believers and bountying the Word of God’s Truth. We are even being able to reach many through online classes by Zoom App as technology increases. All these TOOLS that Elohim has given us through you my beloved are used in HIS work, so let glory and glory and glory be Him.

Here our winter has just begun, and many of the believers suffer from fever and other ailments. Pray for all of them. A special Sabbath worship was held on the Second Saturday of this month. After the prayer, we all participated in the love feast together.

The children’s Bible school is held every Sunday, just as it always happens, and we are feeding everyone in attendance. Thank you for the help you are doing, every day, our families and congregations are praying that God bless you and your families even more and more. Pray for God’s work, where your daily prayers are taking place, for obstacles in God’s work.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.

With Love and Peace

Evangelist Prasad Deering

Sukkot 2022 Report

Festival Report from Prasad:

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” – Matthew 5:7

Shalom to you my dear loving family of Yahshua Messiah We are so thankful to have faithful ministry partners who are committed to showing YAH’s mercy to the people of India.

By Yahweh’s grace we are accomplishing much in the name of our Elohim. We had a wonderful and blessed time during the FEAST OF TABERNACLES along with our families, sisters team, Sabbath School Youth and Youngsters in the congregations.

We are very sorry about the delay in our report, due to Electricity Scarcity and Internet outage for over two weeks in our village. Many people were suffering as my dear Michel Dady knows about all these difficulties (Welcome to India). We are praying about you all, we hope that you all had a gracious time.

We are resuming Sabbath School Classes and Sister Prayer Cell Group (Intercessor Prayers) after the gap for the Feast.

This time our dear beloved sisters joyfully and prayerfully involved themselves in the Feast with a Colorful New Dress Code. Our Sabbath Youngsters had active participation in the feast by serving food with a New Dress Code also. The participation of Sabbath School Children is appreciated, so we encouraged them by providing Gifts to each of them with your loving support.

We have been launched a printed magazine in a continuation of a series of Biblical Topics for Spiritual Growth of our Believers. This provides an anchor and guide to help literate believers study and read every day through scriptures. Acts. 17:10 ..for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

We are much thankful for the provisions that you have given for the printing ministry (Literature Ministry). The spring of blessings will flow because you are throwing a Light to the people in the Dark.

This week we had Bible Study (Search the Scriptures) a fellowship gathering at the Aashramam with delicious meal as well as we are planning to conduct this program twice in a month in the different locations with love feast.

Elohim has been gracious, and we are so thankful for each one of you. We love you all very much and remember you in our prayers–that the Elohim would richly bless you and minister to all your needs.“

Elohim bless you and keep you; the Elohim make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Elohim turn his face toward you and give you peace.

”Yours in His Service,

With Love and Peace

Evangelist Prasad Deering

Sukkot Joy From India 2022

Sukkot Joy From India

From Chitti:

“We thank each and every one for all of your love and prayerful help. We had a joyful, peaceful sukkot celebration here with our congregations. Everyone rejoice both spiritually as well as physically.

We thank everyone who has given generous help to feed the congregations. We had a wife and husband who had promised us to get baptism, unfortunately they were both interrupted and failed to get baptism (sometimes Hindu family members cause troubles and fears). Please pray for those families, so that God the Holy Spirit would inspire them to be baptized soon.

I have shown on a LED screen bro. Michael’s sukkot Greetings and blessings in TELUGU language which was 95% accurate in pronunciation, every one shed Tears of joy when they see you on screen after a long time… Everyone conveying their heartfelt Greetings of thanks for all of you.

I sent sukkot joy videos. I hope you can see. Thank you so much for hearing from us. We love and keep continually praying for you all, Have a Good day of Blessings, and Shalom.


A Ministry of Service and Love

The prophet Isaiah encourages us that when we wait for the Lord and His will, we will not only avoid fatigue, we will gain new strength. This is possible because the Elohim our Creator does not become weary or tired. (Isaiah 40:28)

I thank Elohim that I was able to participate in our monthly Rice distribution program to serve the beloved widows and supplemented this service with a Regular Health Check up by which I am now licensed to perform.

Last week we had a thanksgiving prayer meeting, one of our youngsters is going to be married soon. Please pray for him and family.

Last week It was a Special Blessing to have Sabbath  Worship at RAJARAOPETA with seekers and dear youngsters who gathered together, and I was blessed to be able to share the Word of God with them, followed by delicious meal.

I pray you will be strengthened in the Lord as you wait upon Him and do His will.

We love you and thank Elohim for each one of you.Thank you to all who have been praying for us and the ministry in India.

We really sensed your prayers and felt your love as we are going in mission work.

ELOHIM bless you and keep you; the ELOHIM make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the ELOHIM turn his face toward you and give you peace

With Love and Peace

Evangelist Prasad Deering

Intercessory Prayers

Shalom to you all my dear loving family in YAHSHUA

We hope that your prayers are always with us, to continue His work. Last week we had a blessed intercessor prayer meet Wednesday meet at RAJARAOPETA.

We are planning to conduct 7 weeks and 7 different places in my village for Elohim’s glory to be revealed among the Hindu villagers, for salvation of new souls, for the edification of believers  also for the safety of our village. Please uphold this in your precious prayers.

Most of our believers and dear family members are suffering with viral fever and Dengue Fever (breakbone fever). Please pray for us. I am involved in medically treating all of them. This happened because of your encouragement, generous support and valuable prayers.

Elohim has given me a wonderful time to serve the dearly widows at “SHALOM CENTRE”. one of our dear widows was suffering with seasonal sickness from last night. I took care of her and gave treatment at RAJUPALEM please pray for her recovery. We need your valuable prayers.

The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.

With Love and Peace

Evangelist Prasad Deering