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The Fragrant Gospel

Shalom to all my dear brothers and sisters in YAHSHUA, hope you all are safe and good under the wings of our Mighty savior.

The scripture calls us to be the fragrance of YAHSHUA in 2 CORINTHIANS 2:15. Being fragrance for Him means to be a witness for Him through our works and words. Our daily life should exude the sweet aroma of YAHSHUA in us. Liberating people’s lives through His power at work in us. Through our lives people should recognize him whom we carry and His saving power so they could believe him.

Grateful to our dear ELOHIM who enabled us to spread the fragrances of the Gospel through medical aid in my village (Rajaraopeta ). Last week we had a sister’s prayer meeting here where we discussed the word of ELOHIM and interceded for many requests near His feet. Who is ready to be broken and poured out, as well as we had a thanks prayer meet at Rajupalem.

May Abba Father helps us to be filled with His knowledge of YAHSHUA, the willingness to sacrifice, and be ready to be poured out despite criticism.

Yahweh bless you and keep you; Yahweh makes his face shine on you and be gracious to you; Yahweh turns his face toward you and gives you peace.

With Love and Peace

Evangelist Prasad Deering & Family

Much Busy Amid Plentiful Harvest In Lord’s Field

Shalom to all my dear brothers and sisters of YAHSHUA.

Our dear prayer partners who love and pray for us regularly, I hope that you are all being well, we, my family and the congregation are being safe through your valuable prayers. 

I am happy to meet you through this letter once again. The psalmist declared in 119: 68, “You’re good, and what you do is good” realising who God is. We have come to the last month of this biblical year. Our hearts need to be filled with praise to ELOHIM.

Truly I regret for not being available through prayer reports, it is because of the plentiful harvest in these days through Medical Services to the needy people at RAJARAOPETA and by spreading the love of Gospel of YAHSHUA to them. They are ready to join with us but backslide due to the fear of village elders. Last week we had a blessed thanks prayer meeting and naming ceremony of a new born. We had continuous Cell Group Prayers for women by the grace of Elohim, who are interceding for you and dear families. We are blessed to have prayer partners like you, we all are doing great and likely gratitude to you for your love towards us. Also I am busy with Zoom Classes (Bible Study) with Sunday keepers, that is why they had invited me personally to discuss many scriptural matters, for that I have been travelling long distances on bike. Please pray for my safe journey on Elohims work.

Please uphold, that in the coming biblical new year I am planning to release a new series on scriptures as well as YEA new book also , I am a bit busy with this process, also myself personally engaged in door to door evangelism at RAJARAOPETA. Dady as you know that how much your son is dedicated truly in preaching The Truth  (Do or Die) and challengingly having personal interface with Sunday keepers  the love of ELOHIM keep you safe and sound.

But I had a deep sad in my heart because of the disobedience of Sunday believers, at scriptures, why their heart is not turning to light of truth. Although we go and elaborate the true gospel and with much effort and trials we explain them the hidden facts but there hearts in still darkness.

Last month I opened a health service centre at RAJUPALEM, in the same place where my beloved father Pastor John and my dear Dad Michael used to sit and talk.. That place was turned as a mini clinic for all the needy and dear ones of YAHSHUA where there regular medical check up are taken, I invited the chief of the village (Mr. Rao infront of House of God) also that he might not create any disturbances in future. Please uphold for this in your payers. May the love of Elohim keep you safe and sound.

We Love you all

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.

With Love and Peace

Evangelist Prasad Deering