Serving In The Fields Of The Lord's Harvest

Showing Brethren The Way More Perfectly

Shalom to all in the name of Yahshua, the son of Elohim our Savior.

It is a pleasure to meet you again through this letter, after celebrating a blessed Biblical New Year in Him. Very gratitude to my Abba Father for sustaining me in difficulties and providing me everything for my life and in my Children’s Education. Shemmi Michael and Shalomjee are going to finish their Academic Years, blessed be the name of Elohim.

Dear Daddy thanking you so much for your valuable words that helped me to Minister More and More, and way of encouraging gave me more strength. It is our duty to preach the truth, no matter how many difficulties we face in declaring the truth. Brother Skip is also trying hard to tell the truth online, we really appreciate the effort and praying for it.

Last week I drove 250 kilometers to share the truth with brethren, without thinking that it is far and difficult, I did what I had to do. The gradual change in them after hearing the truth is amazing. Many mysterious things have been explained from the scriptures. My greatest intention is to take advantage of the opportunity given by Elohim and move forward in His work. Along with the Word of Yahweh, I was also able to provide Good Medical Help. I am happy that all the talents given by Abba Father are being used in His work.

The ministry is done in a wonderful way, those I visited were poor financially and in poor health but they were very rich in Spiritual Condition. They honoured me with due respect for the medical education I presented among them. The Supreme Father performed a wonderful ministry. Even if the journey is far, I will need to go there at least once a month to recite the words of the Father, that is my dream.

The Gospel Chariot is in weak state, because it was widely used in Father’s work. I am thinking of exchanging this bike for a new Chariot. The Gospel Chariot has helped so much to go to many areas in Elohim’s ministry and preach the word to many people. Due to the presence of this Gospel Chariot I am able to go to many remote areas, Michael’s daddy knows very well what our roads are like. For the sake of the great work, I seek help from Abba Father to obtain a new motorbike.

The Passover is very near, and all the children of the Father will gather together to partake of the Messiah’s Passover. Pray that all their journeys will be safe as they are coming from distant places.

Dady as I already informed you about the release of New Book on Scriptures and YEA lessons Booklet has finished its editing and sent for printing, will be able to release for Passover. Please uphold this in your valuable prayers.

Yahweh bless you and keep you; Yahweh make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; Yahweh turn his face toward you and give you peace.

With Love and Peace
Evangelist Prasad Deering

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