Serving In The Fields Of The Lord's Harvest

Passover And Unleavened Bread Feast of Joy 2023

Yahshalom to our brethren in USA,

How are you all? We are all ok, and we had a joyful Feast of PESACH & Days of Unleavened Bread with our Brothers and sisters here.

A wife and Husband have received Baptism and were added to the Congregation, HalleluYah! Please do continue to pray that the new couple would stand firm in the truth until our MessiYah comes.

We thank you for helping us to have Delicious food for our Congregations… We are all prayerfully trusting that you have had a joyful Pesach as we did.

We thank our Father in heaven FOR YOU ALL that He has been a blessing to Gampala’s and to the WIDOWS to survive… We are also so thankful for all of your love and kind service to us.

Please convey our Hearty Greetings of Shalom to our Brothers and sister in faith. May Our AbbaYHWH bless YOU and keep you all in His loving hand, lead you, guide you on His path, and give you great success in all you do. And may He also grant you blessings, abundance, life, peace, and good health as you serve in our Father’s field, Amen. Shalom!

Brother Chitti

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